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What is Wolters Kluwer Cloud Hosting?

Wolters Kluwer hosting refers to the process of deploying and managing the company’s software products on a cloud platform provided by a third-party hosting provider. Wolters Kluwer products can be hosted on a cloud architecture, which offers users faster performance, increased security, and easier accessibility. This promotes teamwork and guarantees that professionals always have access to the most recent information by enabling them to access the prosystem in the cloud and their data from any location with an internet connection.

Our Expertise, your solution

How Do We Make Your Team Life Easier?

  • Outsource Your IT

  • Boost Productivity and Save

  • Access Your Financials Anytime, Anywhere

  • Seamless Collaboration, Always in Sync

File Individual & Business Returns from Anywhere

OneUp's secure cloud-based platform allows you and your accountant or tax preparer to access your business financial data anytime, from anywhere. This eliminates the need to send files back and forth or rely on physical storage solutions. With everything readily available online, your tax professional can work on your returns efficiently, regardless of location. This translates to a potentially smoother and faster tax filing experience for you.

Simplify Tax and Payroll Professionally

Automate E-filing: Ensure timely and accurate filing of tax documents directly from the cloud platform, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors. Facilitate E-signatures: Securely collect e-signatures on important documents from any device, expediting approvals and streamlining workflows. Maintain Payroll Compliance: Stay on top of complex payroll tax regulations with automated features that help ensure accurate calculations and timely filings.

Experience Seamless Workflow, Start to Finish

Forget juggling multiple programs! CCH ProSystem fx integrates seamlessly with other solutions in the suite on the cloud. This creates a smooth, digital workflow for tax preparation, handling everything from the first client meeting to sending out invoices. No more switching between applications or wasting time on data entry. It's all connected, making tax season a breeze with prosystems fx cloud.

Tax professionals using Wolters Kluwer software
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Wolter Kluwer's Supported Apps

Empower Teams: Collaborate Seamlessly with Wolters Kluwer's Tax and Accounting Products in the Cloud

Web browser Apps
  • CCH Axcess™️ Tax

  • CCH®️ SureTax®️ 

  • Audit Management

  • TeamMate                             

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TAX Apps
  • CCH®️ ProSystem fx®️ Suite

  • CCH Axcess™️ Tax

  • ATX : Audit

Firm Management
  • Tax Preparer SW

  • TaxWise®️ 

  • CCH®️ ProSystem fx®️ Suite                         

Other Apps
  • TeamCloud®️ 

  • CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management

  • Kluwer IP Law

What we do

Benefits Of Third Party Hosting

Access all Wolters Kluwer programs from any location, computer or device. Host your ATX, ProSystem Fx, TaxWise and other applications like practise management or Audit Management to better collaboration and business operations.


Compared to setting up and maintaining your own server infrastructure, third-party hosting is significantly cheaper. You avoid the upfront costs of hardware, software licenses, and data center space. Additionally, you don't need to hire IT staff for server management and maintenance.

Expertise & Reliability

Cloud hosting companies specialize in providing reliable and secure hosting environments. They have experienced professionals who manage servers, networks, and security measures. This ensures your website or application has minimal downtime and is protected from threats like cyberattacks.


Third-party hosting providers offer a variety of hosting plans with different levels of resources. As your business grows and your website traffic increases, you can easily upgrade your plan to accommodate the additional demands. This eliminates the need to constantly purchase and maintain new hardware.

Security & Uptime

Security is a top priority for any website owner. Most hosting companies prioritize robust security measures to safeguard your data and prevent cyberattacks. They also invest in redundant systems and backups to ensure minimal downtime in case of hardware failures or power outages.

Ease of Use

Third-party hosting providers offer user-friendly control panels to manage your website or application. You can easily upload files, create databases, manage email accounts, and monitor website performance, often without needing extensive technical knowledge.

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Superior Infrastructure

Benefit from our cutting-edge technology for unmatched performance and scalability. Our superior infrastructure empowers your business applications to operate at their peak, delivering a seamless cloud experience.

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Why Choose Us

Experience the Difference: Where Quality Meets Commitment

Effortless Remote Management

Take control from anywhere with our user-friendly remote desktop solution. Manage your ATX, Prosystem Fx, and other business applications with ease, maximizing your productivity and flexibility.

NVMe based dedicated Servers

Harness the unparalleled speed and performance of our NVMe Dedicated Servers. Run even the most demanding applications like cch tax ATX and Prosystem Fx flawlessly, ensuring smooth operation and a competitive edge

Reliable And Efficient

We prioritize robust infrastructure and unwavering uptime. Focus on your business while we ensure your critical applications are always accessible, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Bank Like Security

our data is our top priority. We implement industry-leading, bank-grade security measures to safeguard your sensitive information. Rest assured, your business and client data are in the safest hands possible.

Business Friendly SLA

We understand your business needs. Our Business Friendly SLAs guarantee exceptional service levels that meet your specific requirements, ensuring consistent performance and reliable cloud hosting for your success.

Onsite and Offsite Backups

Never worry about data loss. Our comprehensive onsite and offsite backup solutions provide complete peace of mind. Secure your critical business data for disaster recovery and ensure seamless continuity.

Wolters Kluwer Applications Compatible With OneUp Networks Cloud

Discover the Power of Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting Software Solutions

OneUp Networks, a trusted cloud hosting company with a decade of experience, is proud to offer specialized hosting solutions for Wolters Kluwer products. We understand the challenges faced by businesses in the US and beyond and have tailored our services to alleviate these pain points. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, we ensure a seamless and efficient experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business

This powerful combination provides seamless access to your favorite Wolters Kluwer tools, enhanced by the scalability and security of the cloud.

CCH Axcess

With its centralized platform, CCH Axcess streamlines workflow, improves collaboration, and enhances productivity. Key features include tax compliance, document management, practice management, and financial analysis.

ProSystem fx Suite

ProSystem fx Suite is an integrated suite of tax, accounting, and workflow solutions catering to accounting firms and tax professionals. The cch prosystem fx tax includes modules for tax compliance, document management, client collaboration, and practice management.


TeamMate is a powerful audit management software designed to streamline the entire audit process, from planning to reporting. With its centralized and collaborative approach, TeamMate helps audit teams enhance productivity, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.


Enablon is a comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety, Sustainability software solution that helps organizations manage risk, compliance, and performance. With its robust set of features, it enables companies to track and analyze EHS data, manage incidents, and ensure regulatory compliance.

CCH iFirm

CCH iFirm is an integrated practice management software designed specifically for accounting professionals. Key features include time and billing, job management, client communication, and document storage.

Kluwer IP Law

Kluwer IP Law is a comprehensive intellectual property (IP) law research platform that offers access to a vast collection of global IP resources, including legislation, case law, and expert commentary.

CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets

CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets is a comprehensive fixed asset management solution that simplifies tracking, reporting, and depreciation calculations for businesses.

CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management

CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management is a powerful practice management solution for accounting firms, offering tools for client management, billing, and reporting.

CCH Tagetik

CCH Tagetik is an on-premise corporate performance management (CPM) solution that simplifies financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting for businesses. It provides robust financial consolidation, reporting, and analytics capabilities.

CCH® Intelligently

Leverage AI-powered research and insights to uncover hidden opportunities and make informed tax decisions. This innovative tool utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze vast amounts of data, helping you identify potential tax benefits and optimize client strategies.

our process trusted by our clients:

Customer reviews hold immense significance for us, serving as the cornerstone of our reputation and credibility. With a plethora of glowing reviews from satisfied clients, we’re honored to showcase the tangible impact of our dedication to exceeding expectations and delivering prosystem hosting service.

Our Process

Sticking with our trusted process isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about staying true to our promise of providing top-notch cch accounting service every time.

1. Discovery and Consultation
2. Setup Cloud Environment
3. Data Migration
4. Access and Permissions
5. Data Security and Backups

Ready to Harness the Power of Cloud Hosting for Your Wolters Kluwer Products?

Unleash Your Tax Potential by hosting prosystem fx tax with Our Bespoke Solutions.

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Wolters Kluwer apps hosting

Unleash the Potential of Wolters Kluwer Apps Over Cloud Solutions.

Taxwise Hosting

Maximize tax efficiency with cloud hosting for Taxwise. Seamlessly access tax data from anywhere, simplify filing processes, and ensure compliance for improved financial management.

ATX Hosting

Streamline tax and accounting tasks with cloud hosting for ATX. Collaborate effortlessly, automate processes, and securely access real-time financial information for enhanced client service and productivity.

CCH ProSystem Fx Hosting

Elevate tax preparation with cloud hosting for ProSystem Fx. Maintain data integrity, streamline filing procedures, and access robust tax management tools remotely for increased accuracy, compliance, and client satisfaction.

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