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A Cloud Solution Tailored for Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks Desktop

What are QuickBooks hosting Services?

QuickBooks Hosting on the cloud is a service that allows users to access their QuickBooks Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Enterprise and Accountant versions and data remotely through the cloud. Instead of installing QuickBooks on a local computer, users can log in to a cloud-based server where QuickBooks is hosted, enabling them to manage finances, collaborate with team members, and access their data from any internet-connected device.

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Empower Your Accounting Anywhere: QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Simplified

Choose from the below bundles and Access QuickBooks Remotely with version that fits your business:

  • QuickBooks Pro Plus Hosting on the Cloud
  • QuickBooks Premier Plus Hosting
  • Cloud Based QuickBooks Enterprise Online Hosting
  • QuickBooks Accountant Hosting

Seamlessly Integrate and Access 200+ Add-Ons for Inventory, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Payroll, and Custom Apps with QB Cloud Hosting.

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Why OneUp Networks for QuickBooks Hosting?

Select Your Access Type

Opt for HTML5 access compatible with popular browsers such as Chrome and Edge, or utilize remote desktop-based access to hosted QuickBooks environment, ensuring flexibility and convenience tailored to your needs.

One Cloud Space for your Business

Elevate and secure your business operations into a secure workplace where you can collaborate, store data, and access all your business applications with peace of mind. Enjoy robust security measures, seamless integration, and efficient workflows.

Less Time Troubleshooting

With QuickBooks remote desktop, streamline your workflow by spending less time troubleshooting technical issues, allowing you to focus on your core business activities and maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Access Remote QuickBooks Safely: Entrust your QuickBooks hosted Solutions with top-tier security measures, safeguarding your financial data against cyber threats and unauthorized access, ensuring peace of mind for you and your business's sensitive information.

Smart Threat Detection

Benefit from intelligent threat detection mechanisms that continuously monitor your QuickBooks Web hosting Services environment for potential security threats, providing proactive protection against cyberattacks and data breaches, ensuring the safety of your financial data.

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Automated Data Protection

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your QuickBooks data is securely backed up with automated backup systems, providing redundancy and data recovery options in the event of data loss or corruption, ensuring continuity of business operations and data integrity when you host QuickBooks in the cloud.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhance the security of your Quick Books Web hosting with multi-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of protection beyond passwords, ensuring that only authorized users can access your financial data, bolstering overall security and peace of mind.

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Comprehensive Hosting Features for Seamless QuickBooks Management: Explore Our Use Cases

  • Geo Location Based User Access
  • Multiple Files, Clients and Apps
  • Real Time Updates and Collaboration
  • Quick & Guided User Onboarding
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Access Industry-Specific Features
  • Access specialized features tailored to your industry needs, with QuickBooks Hosting Services, such as managing sales orders, inventory, payroll; generating reports and performing complex accounting tasks.

Unified Business Workflows
  • Access all your business-critical applications, including QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop hosting, from one centralized platform, saving time and boosting productivity. Host all your client files, data with specialized access management and monitoring.

Peace of Mind
  • With Hosted QuickBooks Providers you can rest assured as your data stays secure with ongoing monitoring, fortified firewalls, and immediate backups. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your work is protected, allowing you to focus on tasks without worry or interruption.

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What we do

Opt for OneUp Networks: The Goto Cloud-Based QuickBooks Hosting Service Provider

Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

Experience enhanced scalability and flexibility with our QuickBooks hosting solutions, allowing you to effortlessly adapt to changing business needs and scale your operations as your business grows, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Server Specs – Engineered to a Business Need

We tailor our server specifications to meet your unique business requirements, ensuring that the environment provided by OneUp as a trusted QuickBooks hosting Service Provider is optimized for performance, security, and reliability, providing you with the ideal infrastructure to support your business operations effectively.

Experienced Support Engineers for Business-Centric Assistance

Our team of experienced support engineers is dedicated to providing business-centric assistance, ensuring that you receive personalized support and guidance tailored to your unique business needs and challenges, empowering you to maximize the value and benefits of our server QuickBooks hosting solutions.

SLA Tailored to Business Needs

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in our commitment to delivering reliable and responsive support and services for your QuickBooks Cloud hosting desktop.

Exclusive Server Resources for Your Operations

With exclusive access to dedicated server resources, you can enjoy optimal performance and reliability for your QuickBooks cloud desktop, ensuring that your critical business applications run smoothly and efficiently at all times.

User Training and Comprehensive Migration Assistance

Our expert team provides thorough user training and seamless migration assistance, ensuring a smooth transition to our server QuickBooks hosting platform, maximizing productivity and minimizing disruptions for your business.

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Hotels and restaurants can benefit from access QuickBooks remotely to manage payroll, track expenses, and generate financial reports for budgeting and forecasting. With QuickBooks Remote desktop in the cloud, hospitality businesses can ensure compliance with tax regulations and streamline accounting processes to improve financial management.

Why Choose Us

Industry Specific Use Cases

CPA and Accounting Firms

Benefit from QuickBooks Hosted Solutions by streamlining client collaboration, ensuring data security, and enabling remote work flexibility. Host Multiple Clients, Business Apps, QuickBooks and other data Files, Staff Users on 1 single platform. Define and restrict their Access levels based on your business workflows.


A retail business can leverage QuickBooks Remote Hosting to manage inventory, track sales, and streamline accounting processes across multiple locations. By hosting QuickBooks in the cloud, they can ensure real-time access to financial data for better decision-making and inventory management.


A construction company can benefit from QuickBooks Web hosting services to manage project finances, track expenses, and generate invoices on the go. By accessing QuickBooks from the field via mobile devices, contractors can streamline accounting processes and improve project cost visibility.


Healthcare practices can use QuickBooks hosting to manage billing, track patient payments, and maintain financial records securely. By hosting QuickBooks in the cloud, medical offices can ensure HIPAA compliance and protect patient confidentiality while streamlining accounting workflows.


Law firms can utilize QB Desktop Hosting to manage client billing, track trust accounts, and generate financial reports for regulatory compliance. With QuickBooks Desktop Cloud hosting services, legal professionals can ensure data security and streamline accounting processes to focus on client services.


Manufacturing companies can leverage QB Remote Access to manage inventory, track production costs, and generate purchase orders efficiently. By hosting QuickBooks in the cloud, manufacturers can integrate with inventory management systems and streamline accounting processes to optimize production workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Utilizing outdated hardware, unable to frequently update physical devices.
  • Employing a mobile or distributed workforce.
  • Seeking cost-effective measures to bolster data security.
  • Requiring access to applications, data, and resources from any device or location.
  • Limited resources for supporting and expanding IT infrastructure.

QuickBooks Desktop is installed on a local computer, QuickBooks Online is cloud-based software accessed via a web browser, while QuickBooks Hosting allows users to access the desktop version of QuickBooks from the cloud.

Yes, our QuickBooks Remote Desktop service supports hosting multiple versions of QuickBooks simultaneously, allowing for flexibility and convenience.

Yes, you need to possess a valid QuickBooks license to utilize our hosting service. We provide the infrastructure and support for hosting, but the software license is still required.

Absolutely, our QuickBooks hosting service is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, ensuring seamless accessibility across various devices.

Yes, we offer comprehensive technical support to our hosted QuickBooks users, ensuring prompt assistance and resolution of any issues or queries they may encounter.

No, we do not host QuickBooks on AWS or Microsoft Azure. Our hosting service is specifically designed and optimized for QuickBooks hosting, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

We manage the infrastructure and maintenance of QuickBooks when it is hosted remotely, ensuring seamless operation and performance for our clients.

You can begin using our QB remote access service within a few hours of signing up, allowing for quick deployment and implementation to meet your business needs

The cost of hosting QuickBooks in the cloud varies depending on factors such as the number of users and storage requirements. Please contact us for a customized quote tailored to your specific needs.

The prerequisites for hosting QuickBooks on the cloud include a stable internet connection and compatible devices. Additionally, you need to possess a valid QuickBooks license to avail of our hosting service.

Yes, you can easily add or remove users from your QuickBooks cloud hosting server as per your requirements. Our hosting service offers flexibility and scalability to accommodate your changing business needs.

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Our Approach

Focus More on Your Business, Access Your QuickBooks Remotely

Cost Efficiency

Cloud Based QuickBooks Enterprise with Online Hosting and other version eliminates the need for expensive IT infrastructure investments, such as servers and maintenance. Instead, CPA and accounting firms can pay a predictable monthly fee for cloud hosting services, reducing upfront costs and improving cost efficiency.

Integration with Accounting Tools

QuickBooks Web Hosting seamlessly integrates with a wide range of business tools and software, allowing CPA and accounting firms to streamline their workflow and improve productivity. From tax preparation software to document management systems, integration with QuickBooks hosting enhances efficiency and accuracy in accounting processes.

Client Collaboration

CPA and accounting firms can collaborate more effectively with clients by using QB Enterprise Cloud. This allows for seamless sharing of financial data, facilitating real-time collaboration on bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial reporting.

With Cloud Based QuickBooks hosting, CPAs and accountants can work from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience. Whether they're at the office, at home, or on the go, they can access QuickBooks securely from any internet-connected device, ensuring productivity and client service continuity.

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